Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Experimental Project

After being told that it would be smart to change my experimental project I decided to go a complete different way with my animation.
I'd almost finished the ballerina one so if I was to change everything I think she would fall apart.
She doesn't have that many hours of animation left in her.
It did make me a bit upset, because I was quite happy with what I'd done so far.
But I don't feel that all the hours I put into it is wasted, because I've learned a lot about stop motion, and I have a lot more respect for the people who do it. I do not have the pations for stop motion at all. I was not enjoying doing it...

So the second one I did is a simple cardboard animation. I had some coins laying around so I thought I'd use them too.
I saw this really cool animation on youtube where they make money explode, and that's what inspired me to use the money as ammo.

I made my own dopesheet and planned out the scenes, and I managed to get it doen in time.
I'd say it's got a bit of a childish look, but I'm happy with the result.
(I'll post some of the drawings and stuff later today.)

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