Thursday, 18 February 2010

2D Flash Character Animation

For this project we're supose to do a short aimation based on students talking about writing.

I've chosen the "I-write-2010-A" clip, and I'm using 30 sec. from it (5:30 -> 6:19)

The girl in the conversation talks about how students suck the information in and then spit it out, so I first taught of a vacuum cleaner for this, but then changed it into a Bellow.
And the bellow is talking to a book, and then steels a bit of his paper.

I starded of trying to draw the different shapes of the mouth when people talk. I then made a quick sketch of the bellow, the boook and the background I wanted to use.

Just a quick sketch of how the story goes.

Here's the final design of the characters and the
background for the animation.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Background Project

This project was fun to do because I never spend time on backgrounds, and this kind of forced me to take the time to do them well.
Here you see the sketches for my first background:
the kitchen.

Second one is inspired by my hometown \o/

The last one is simple: