Monday, 9 May 2011

Swing Heil!

Tørken er over! Or the drought is over as you would say in english...

I haven't had any colouring to do for the crew assignment in ages.
I did colour one of the backgrounds over easter

But after a while, I got some frames to colour yaaaay \o/
One shot is when Marielle is looking around the door, and the other one is the bridge shoot.
I love work like this. I find colouring much more amusing than 'doing the actual animating'.
Kat has been an angel giving me a colour and brush panel to use, which is making my work go twice as fast. However, the brushes are a pit of a pain in the butt, because when you need to zoom in to do the details it's impossible to make it look clean. But I made it work.
So, here are what I'vwe done so far.