Monday, 14 November 2011

Speed Painting \o/

As this week is going a bit slow on the work front, I thought I'd freshen up my speed painting skills :p
30 min give/take a little pr drawing.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pitchin' Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality
For my final year project I wanted to do a 2D short film about a girl named Heather who got too involved in videogames. Heather struggles with bills, an unrewarding job and lack of friends, and to cope with all of this she finds comfort in videogames.

I wanted to go for the more comic-looking style, but I was advised to make it more stylized.
So I went from this

To this

The changes aren't massive, but it was as much I was willing to change it without losing my own style completely. The last picture is done so you can see the contrast between her world in the real world contra the word inside the videogame.The pictures further down is just to show the style I was going for, and what Heather and her avatar would look like.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Swing Heil!

Tørken er over! Or the drought is over as you would say in english...

I haven't had any colouring to do for the crew assignment in ages.
I did colour one of the backgrounds over easter

But after a while, I got some frames to colour yaaaay \o/
One shot is when Marielle is looking around the door, and the other one is the bridge shoot.
I love work like this. I find colouring much more amusing than 'doing the actual animating'.
Kat has been an angel giving me a colour and brush panel to use, which is making my work go twice as fast. However, the brushes are a pit of a pain in the butt, because when you need to zoom in to do the details it's impossible to make it look clean. But I made it work.
So, here are what I'vwe done so far.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Post Production

The hand in for our post-production project was today, and we actually managed to finish it in time.

This project was a lot of fun to work on because it gave me the opportunity to learn some new stuff.
I got to make a rig, and yes, it is a really simple one, but it thaught me the 'basics' of how to do it.
I found rigging to be quite fun (even though I wanted to pull my hair out at times) and it's something I want to learn properly so I will be practicing to get better at it.

I also did some of the compositing.
For this part, I put a mask around the laptop, making it overlay Dave so it looks like he is behind it.
To make the coke dissapear as Dave sweeped over it I took one still from the real life footage in to Photoshop and edited out the coke. Then Miguel made the coke as a seperate layer, and in Composite I put a mask over the coke to make it look like Dave was sweeping it up.

I also worked on putting the footage together, and making it look 'real'. It was a bit hard to make it look right (I'm still not a 100% happy with it)
Because the P2 cameras are of excedingly poor quality Dave looked hyper-real compared to the real life footage.

And then, just for funsies, I put some sounds on it!
Enjoy \o/

Monday, 7 March 2011

Post Production wip

For our post-production project I've been working on rigging Dave. Seeing that this is the first time I've rigged something, I'm a little bit proud to say he is now done.

I've made to different ones. I made one with an IK handle, and one without. Jake wanted to see if it would make it easier and faster for him to animate Dave with the Ik. I'm not sure if it'll look 'real' enough but we'll just have to try.

Here he is! The Dave text isnt up yet but that's no hurry. (Jake sorted out a nice texture for the nose)

Did a test just to see that it worked.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Swing Heil

I'm working on Swing Heil, wich is Gaz and Kat's third year project.
The story is about a young couple that sneaks out to go dancing in a a basement where there is a jazzy theme.
It's set in the late 30's in Hamburg, so dancing to jazzy music was a no no.

I'm working as a digital painter/colour artist, so my job is to fill in the characters and paint the backgrounds
(and if other stuff needs painting I do that too)

So far I've done some posters to go on the bridge and inside the basement.
It took me a while to get the style right, cus they want it to be in art deco style, wich I find hard to paint.
But it's a challenge, so it's all fun and games.

I also did a quick practise painting the characters.
Making them look like the ones Kat made is harder than you think...

Here's some of the sketches I did. The three last ones are the final posters.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Post Production

Righty Tighty!
Time for a work related post me thinks...

For our post-production project we have to add something to real life footage.
I'm working with Jake and Miguel on this project, and we've decided to do a piece including a cute desktop hoover. We are not going for the original Henry the Hoover though, we are making our own 'Dave the coke-sweeper'.

We thought about making him sweep up some breadcrumbs that the man leaves, but we decided that a man doing coke would be much more interesting(?)

Here you have the storyboard for it:

And here is a quick one of our beloved Dave
Ill put the animatic up here asap. Need to change it because the current one is witch bread instead of coke.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Speed Painting

Since I'm working as a Digital painter/colourist for Gareth Sharples 3rd year project I thought it'll be a good idea to fresh up on my photoshop skills.
My desktop is finally up and running again, so I did a speed painting.
(Used a picture of my friend Holly Bagder as refrence)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Norwegian Awesomeness

Haven't posted in ages now. Not that much to talk about at the moment.
So while we wait for something to happen I thought I'd post some norwegian awesomeness.

The first one is about one of the stylists in Norway who has a secret identity.
Its very simple made, but I still find it hilarious because this is how the person is in real life :D (almost) They make fun of all the celebrities in Norway
It's in norwegian, so sorry to all you non-norwegian-speaking people who can't understand what they're saying.

The other one is actually one of my all time favorites. Wich I'm sure most of you have seen before.
It's the music video for Aha - Take on me. (Directed by Steve Barron in 1985)
Just brilliant work combinig rotoscoping and real life-action. Say what you want about the song (Wich is brilliant!) but the video is AWESOME!