Friday, 26 October 2012

Animation Pour Ida

Oh dear, oh dear, it’s been far too long since I updated all of my millions of readers about what the crack is!
So, I’ve graduated (whoop whoop), and with a grade to be proud of and a diploma in hand I set of to conquer the world! Of course, conquering the world is easier said than done, and I am currently held captive at 69 degrees north in a town called Tromsø.

I’ve been here for 4 months now, and I am getting restless. Tromsø isn’t really a Mecca for 2D animators, so jobs aren’t being thrown at my feet for every step I take.
The goal (for now) is to make my way down to Oslo, and conquer the world from there.

After Uni ended, my passion for animating has sparkled up once more and I’ve been practicing animating. To keep my skills fresh, and to get better, I have a little ‘project’ called Animation Pour Ida, where Ida gives me new scenarios to animate every week. I find this  to be very helpful, as she get’s very disappointed if I don’t keep to the deadlines, it pushes me to finish in time, and not slack of and think ‘I’ll finish it later’.
I haven’t got so much done so far. I did a flower to start with, but since Adobe Flash can be a bit of a pain, the file got corrupted and I lost all will to finish.

The second one was a bouncing teddy bear (apologies for the bad quality) 

And  the last, was Fishy. A little goldfish trapped in a fishbowl with nothing to entertain him but himself. Ida liked the design of him so much, so for now I’m going to focus my animating on him, and do whatever scenarios Ida sets up for him.

Stay tuned!