Sunday, 14 November 2010

Experimental Project

Hey hey hey!
So, one of our projects before Christmas is the experimental project where we have to do something "non computer made".
Derek told us to try something new and different, so I wanted to pick something I normally wouldn't pick.
I've chosen to do something stop motion inspired. I saw this as an opportunity to learn something new. Normally I wouldn't pick stop motion because it creeps me out. Everything from Wallace and Gromit to Corps Bride gives me tiny chills down my spine.
However, I do like the look of Corps Bride and Nightmare before Christmas. It's something about the gothic style of it that makes me interested.
I've always wanted to do a dance to classical music, and this project was the perfect opportunity.
And because it needs to be "experimental" the closest thing I could think of doing the dance graciously and elegant was to use a stop motion puppet.
My idea is a ballerina dancing on a stage (one of those music jewelery boxes), and as she dances a garden starts to grow around her. The more she dances the more the garden grows, and in the end she's become a part of the garden.

This is the first puppet I've made, and to be honest working with wood isn't one of my strongest skills.
After googling for ages I finally found someone who sells blocks of balsa wood. (I recommend R & R hobbies if you're looking. They're cheap and deliver quickly)
I carved the pieces with a crafts knife and made them look smooth with some sandpaper.
Instead of using aluminium wire I used garden wire to make the joints, as the aluminium wire wasn't flexible enough. And I put some sponge over the wires so they wouldn't show.
And then I painted her to make her pretty ;> The paint hasn't dried yet so shes not completely done.

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