Tuesday, 9 November 2010

11 Second Club

Allrighty tighty!

For one of our projects this term we are entering the 11 second club competition (You can read more about thus at www.11secondclub.com)
This week I've been working on my idea for the sound clip that we have to use.
The Idea:
A guy is sitting on the floor looking at a magic lamp. Behind him we can see a treasure chest, gold and so on.
Guy nr 2 walks in and accuses him of steeling the lamp. And so the dialog goes on about him steeling the magic lamp.
This week I've drawn the scene for the story, and also I have modeled some of the objects for the scene.

I've decided to take away the walls in the scene. I find it easier to move around in the scene when the walls aren't there. Some of the angles just looked weird when I had the walls up.

Also I want to keep the textures as simple as possible. I know it will look better if I texture it properly, but I think its going to save me some time when I'm rendering. Also I want to focus more on the actual animation of the piece, and I can see me getting caught up in getting the textures perfect if I start doing them neatly.

I'm going to use the Blake rig for this project. He's "easy" to animate and also you can change his appearance easily. Unlike the Norman rig you don't have to spend ages making him look a bit different.

I've had a play with Blake this week just to get used to how the rig works, and this coming week I'll be filming the scene to get reference for the animatic and the animating.

That's it for now peeps, stay tuned for more exciting stuff!

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