Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Swing Heil

I'm working on Swing Heil, wich is Gaz and Kat's third year project.
The story is about a young couple that sneaks out to go dancing in a a basement where there is a jazzy theme.
It's set in the late 30's in Hamburg, so dancing to jazzy music was a no no.

I'm working as a digital painter/colour artist, so my job is to fill in the characters and paint the backgrounds
(and if other stuff needs painting I do that too)

So far I've done some posters to go on the bridge and inside the basement.
It took me a while to get the style right, cus they want it to be in art deco style, wich I find hard to paint.
But it's a challenge, so it's all fun and games.

I also did a quick practise painting the characters.
Making them look like the ones Kat made is harder than you think...

Here's some of the sketches I did. The three last ones are the final posters.

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