Friday, 23 March 2012

The Dark Decent

The dissertation is finally handed in and the easter brake is here! That does not mean a break for team Decent though. The dream team (Me, Mig and Tom) are staying here for easter to work on the project, and even though I haven't updated the blog in a while, a lot has been done on The Dark Decent since the last update.
As I mentioned earlier I am responsible for the colouring, so what I've been doing is colouring in the shots given to me by Thomas and Miguel.
We've decided to do the colouring in two steps; first I colour in the main block colours, which for the old man is the greys, then when they're done I move on to the lighting.

Here you can see a screenshot of the workspace. We're using TVP for the colouring (Adobe Flash for the animating). We made a colour palette for the greys, which makes working more effective, as the brushes and colour are just a click away. The greys are coloured on a separate layer than the actual animation is, and by doing this we don't have to render the animation out without the white background. By choosing the blending mode in the layer which contains the lines, one can merge the colours and the lines together, but still be able to add a background behind it without the white.
Below you can see some of the grey-coloured blocks (we have put it all together but I don't have the file on me):

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