Wednesday, 18 January 2012

To the millions of readers out there...

I just want to apologise for the extreme lack of 'blog-updating'!
I have been drowning myself in dissertation work, and neglecting my blog for far to long now.

Right, so what have I been doing other than working on my dissertation?
For the third year, I am currently working on three projects; Kernel, The Dark Decent, and Hole. Kernel is the only CG short film that made it through this year, so I thought 'better get in on that!' and The Dark Decent and Hole are both 2D animated shorts.

So, for Kernel I've been doing some concept art for the desk area, and for the dome. Here you have the concept art for the desk. (I can't find the one for the dome so stay tuned for that one)

And now as the project moves on I am working as a texture painter. Currently freshening up those old texture skills.
Look at this amazing suitcase, which has been unwrapped amazingly. YEAH!

For Hole, I am working as a line cleaner, so on that front not much has been done. I have just been practicing in specialising on Sian's style, so that when the linecleaning kicks off, it will be easier and faster to do the work needed.

For The Dark Decent, I am... responsible of all the colouring! Everything from backgrounds, filling in colour to the characters and so on is what I'm doing.
Did some style tests of the old man and the dog:

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