Thursday, 27 May 2010

What what?

All righty!

Hand in date is coming up and I think we are on schedule.

As told earlier in the blog I am working with Liam, Kai and Luke on this project and we are doing the ‘what’ project in 3Dstyle.

I’ve been in charge of most of the concept art for this project and some of the pre production stuff.

I’ve made the backgrounds for the scenes, and I made the design for the forest.

I’ve also done some of the modelling for the scenes.

Making the trees was fun. I used the curve tool and the loft method to make them.

I also modelled the science room in the beginning of the film.

The boys had to put in a science bed and a lamp thingy though, because the room looked too empty.

I’m glad I got to work with the guys because it’s given me a chance to learn how to use Maya a bit more.

Hopefully we’ll have it done in time. So far it looks pretty good!

I've posted some concept art and items as a little preview ;>

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